v. & n.
1 intr. come or go back.
2 tr. bring or put or send back to the person or place etc. where originally belonging or obtained (returned the fish to the river; have you returned my scissors?).
3 tr. pay back or reciprocate; give in response (decided not to return the compliment).
4 tr. yield (a profit).
5 tr. say in reply; retort.
6 tr. (in cricket or tennis etc.) hit or send (the ball) back after receiving it.
7 tr. state or mention or describe officially, esp. in answer to a writ or formal demand.
8 tr. (of an electorate) elect as an MP, government, etc.
9 tr. Cards a lead (a suit) previously led or bid by a partner. b lead (a suit or card) after taking a trick.
10 tr. Archit. continue (a wall etc.) in a changed direction, esp. at right angles.
1 the act or an instance of coming or going back.
2 a the act or an instance of giving or sending or putting or paying back. b a thing given or sent back.
3 (in full return ticket) esp. Brit. a ticket for a journey to a place and back to the starting-point.
4 (in sing. or pl.) a the proceeds or profit of an undertaking. b the acquisition of these.
5 a formal report or statement compiled or submitted by order (an income-tax return).
6 (in full return match or game) a second match etc. between the same opponents.
7 Electr. a conductor bringing a current back to its source.
8 Brit. a sheriff's report on a writ.
9 esp. Brit. a a person's election as an MP etc. b a returning officer's announcement of this.
10 Archit. a part receding from the line of the front, e.g. the side of a house or of a window-opening.
Phrases and idioms:
by return (of post) by the next available post in the return direction. in return as an exchange or reciprocal action. many happy returns (of the day) a greeting on a birthday. return crease Cricket each of two lines joining the popping-crease and bowling-crease at right angles to the bowling-crease and extending beyond it. returning officer Brit. an official conducting an election in a constituency and announcing the results. return thanks express thanks esp. in a grace at meals or in response to a toast or condolence.
returnable adj. returner n. returnless adj.
Etymology: ME f. OF returner (as RE-, TURN)

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